Drop the Boom

Ice Cream is never a tough choice but it isn’t every day an ice cream place holds its own as a destination of choice! Boombalatti’s screams “best day ever” in 360 fun!

Happy homemade flavors that change regularly, and will pick up the heaviest frowns. No vacation is complete with out a visit to one of two locations in Wilmington, where they keep the cool creamy sunshine scooped and beautiful. Stickers and beautiful t-shirts can be purchased to forever remember a special vacation, a special event, and the special people who make life wonderful. Even the most ordinary days can be “extra”ordinary after a custom scooped homemade ice cream cone!

Ice Cream pies are an extra treat to be picked up for an occasion or no occasion at all! Custom flavored crusts, layers of caramel and/or chocolate, a whole menu of custom flavored ice creams, and topped with a massive array of topping possibilities!

And never forget “Sprinkles”, the gorgeous customized VW van which will come and be a part of any moment or event, elevating it to epic status.

Boombalattis location off Military Cut Off Road