Laughter on Wheels

Scooters Rollerskating Rink, Wilmington NC

The luckiest souls have memories of roller skating embedded into their childhoods. Memories of music and laughter. Memories of feeling both weightless and perilous in the same breath. Short mental movies of people gliding with ease at seemingly reckless speeds.

For many years, roller skating seemed to be a thing of the past. One more precious outing lost to busy schedules and electronic replacements. However, Scooters of Wilmington has not only remained in business for over 60 years, but is has held true to good, family fun.

Bright, smiley-faces dance across new carpets. Fresh paint, a real hard wood skating surface, and a fun filled snack bar, all work to catapult each visitor to simple happiness and entertainment. Music, lights, and games , a variety of “special skates” cause the time to move faster than the quickest skates in the rink.

The staff is attentive and caring, and their concern for a wholesome environment reflects in every moment and every surface. The atmosphere has an electric, almost contagious positivity, and creates a most memorable evening to imbed in hearts and minds for a lifetime.

Scooter’s, Friday open skate