Perspective perks

Often a break is desperately called for and the time is not available. The mouth waters for fresh caught flavors with their delicate and bold seasonings. Many times a sunset of epic proportions is simply what is most needed but the tropical cruise isn’t possible. In all such scenarios as well as just a good old – fashioned, run – of – the – mill, ordinary day – Jinx Creek is a mini escape and the always ‘yes’ answer of what to eat at Ocean Isle Beach.

With atmosphere off the charts and so many award winning menu items, time at Jinx Creek is like a mini vacation in an hour or two.

Day after day, the warm sun sinks behind the horizon and is perfectly visible from within the restaurant or up upon the roof top deck. A full bar mixes refreshing tart or sweet cocktails, and various wines to accompany each palate.

Regular live music lifts sour attitudes and returns pep to the step, and the views, the views are legendary.