Teleport the Tastebuds

Indochine, tantalizing taste bud teleportation

Leave the NC coast for an exotic escape through the magic of tastebud teleportation. Hide away for a restorative deep breath and inhale the intoxicating aromas and scents of far away locations. Indochine, of Market Street in Wilmington delivers a full immersion dining experience in a simple meal.

The self effacing exterior and misshapen gravel parking, in no way bely the world created in this pioneer dining opportunity. The interior bursts with exotic relics, and other world mystery and charm. The ambiance carries the mind and heart to places beyond the Atlantic. Every bite is exquisitely delicious, with options for the very brave as well the slightly less adventurous. The menu is full of freedom to leisure in rich essence of Asian cuisine.

On warmer evenings the outdoor dining gardens are pure magic with koi ponds, plant lined pathways, secluded huts, and private tables. One visit will never be enough to relish in the ancient culinary arts offered and a return will be desired even before departure.