Waking Wonders

Japanese Cherry Tree

There are magical moments within nature. As a sleepy world begins to shake off its winter woes, mild as they often are upon the coast, bright splashes of delicate color appear. How do these spectacularly detailed plants know when to stretch and lift their heads from sleep? Gentle Japanese Cherry Trees are a celebrated favorite around the globe.

Along North Carolina’s coast, they are often the first hints at a changing season. Their bright pink and white petals dance like confetti, lifting spirits and turning thoughts to sunny days on sun soaked beaches.

The love affair with this graceful beauty began centuries ago in Japan. the town of Nara, Japan, has no less than 30,000 of these delights, a most honorable landscaping goal.

Enthusiasts to these trees, which flourish in well drained soil in coastal, N.C., will extol the 11 stages, of the journey of this tree’s blooming. Black cherry trees, native to this country, have been known to live up to 250 years.

These poem inspiring ,frothy tutu wearing trees, are such a breath of fresh air heralding the coming sun and salt life so adored by sea dwellers.